Cool Stuff for Nerds

Right now I'm posting what I know about statistics. I'll follow up with pages on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and some stuff in math that I find interesting. For now, you can look at the stuff on stats.

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Productive Consideration

I combine raw ingredients with a goal in mind, but remember that some things are out of my control and that is what will make the event unique.

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Next Move

Often, I find there is no trail. Deciding where to go from here is a function of what I have, where I am, and whether moving is a matter of want or need.

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Always a disclaimer

To put it simply, either a topic has evolved or I have changed. In either case my relationship with the topic is not what it used to be. I have been reluctant to post anything largely because I find that as time passes may take on the topic changes as well. I hope to stick to generalities and only point out specifics if it helps explain the process. Oh, I'm not one to copy edit until there are no flaws; if you see an error, let me know. I will fix the page as needed.